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Here's Why And How These 5 Popular Celebrities Embraced Islam (Photos)

As you can see, our post today seeks to help you better understand the processes and mechanisms that caused these famous people to convert to Islam in their lifetime. We are hoping to uniquely identify this by looking at the top 5 famous people who already decided to accept Islam among several others.


In the United States, Mike Tyson is a well-known legendary professional boxer from the 1980s and '90s. Malick Abdul Aziz was his new name after converting to Islam in the early nineties. In 2010, he completed the Hajj journey to Mecca. Although the Islamization of Mike Tyson was met with criticism, it was really quite beneficial to the athlete's career. The part that helped him to achieve peace in his career was quite useful.


Micheal Jackson's brother Germaine claims that Michael Jackson left Christianity to Islam before passing away. In a Britic version of tabligh britanik, sometimes after a rite in Los Angeles, the aforementioned person would have done the "cha'ada" (certificate of faith) in front of director Steve Porcaro at his apartment. "O ALLAH" is the most stunning song ever written.


Perhaps the most well-known boxer of all time, Mohamed Ali, was an African-American who won Olympic gold, 3 world titles, and was voted as the Best Sportsperson of the twentieth century. In the 1960s, he adopted Islam at the age of 22. For the period of his discussions and press interviews, he was simply doing the work of spreading the good aspects of Islam on his lifestyle and his stability.


Many people believe that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the greatest basketball player of all time. Winner of the NBA award for the most outstanding player six times (also known as the Maurice Podoloff Trophy). The standard for total points is held by James, who tallied 38.287 points. Upon reviewing Malcolm X's autobiography, he became interested in the Islam religion.

To that end, he moved to Libya and Saudi Arabia in 1973 to better his Islamic knowledge and Arabic proficiency. His comments: “In the U.S. Islam can suit the needs of every top athlete.”


Malcom X is really an influential person in the African-American movement in the U.S. Malick Shabazz got the name when he converted to Islam. He was guided by Elijah Muhammad, his religious mentor. He had been a "Nation of Islam" cleric and mouthpiece for 10 years. Malcolm X visited Prince Faisal Ben Abdelaziz of Saudi Arabia on his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1965.

To the utter bewilderment of everyone there, he declared, 'Never have I encountered such a genuine welcome, like the solidarity that people of all ethnicities share while gathering here, in this sacred territory of 'Abraham, ' Muhammad, and the other prophets of Quran.'

To date, I have never been given such an honour. I have never seemed more modest and more deserving than I do now. This journey to Mecca had a big impact on him. Before, he was 'black' or even 'visceral' in terms of 'color' or race, but now he's 'white' (neutral or non-colorful) in terms of character or ethnicity.

Why do you think they converted? let's hear your own thoughts

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