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Top Ghanaian Tribes That Likes Expensive Funerals

Top Ethnic Group That Like Spending Money On Funerals

Death remains a mystery. An excruciating misery. All of us have to face it one day and the pain of losing a loved one can take a person to the very lowest point in life.

It has become a norm all over the world that a funeral rite is performed to bid the dead farewell.

Death on its own is a devastating effect but the funeral rite can be more stressful in some parts of the world.

In Ghana, the funeral is a big deal and cause a lot of money, drains a lot of energy, and sometimes appears like a wild party.

Let's take a look at the top Ghanaian people who love their funerals, spend lots of cash on them, and don't have a problem with the stress it comes with.

 The Ashantis (Ashanti Region)

It's not even up for debate. The Ashantis adore funerals and put all their efforts to make sure that their departed loved ones get a befitting burial. They don't have a problem going for loans to ensure that the funeral is lit!

Food, loud music, drinks, they even hire an MC and choreographers. It's like a mini-festival when the Ashantis are having a funeral.

The biggest funeral to occur in the country was at the Ashanti Kingdom when the mother of King Otumfour Osei Tutu (The 2nd) died.

 Thousands of people gathered at the Manhyia Palace and the display of the Ashanti culture with regards to the value they placed on funerals was properly demonstrated on that day.

The Kwahus/Akyems (Eastern Region).

The Kwahus and the Akyems are not so different from the Ashantis because historically they were Ashantis before they departed to establish their sovereignty. 

They love to have lavish funerals, splash money on expensive coffins, they don't care even if it's at the expense of a young man or woman's education. There have been instances of parents using their ward's school fees to buy expensive cloth and other materials for funerals just to show off. This is a trait that only exists with the Easterners. It's all across!

The Fantes

The Fantes are also big money spenders when funerals emerge. They follow a similar blueprint as their fellow Ashantis and Kwahus/Akyems. There's not much of a difference between them. Perhaps, because they are all Akan.

The Gas

The Gas are big jubilant, they celebrate everything and they make sure they properly mark every event of life. Hence, it comes as no surprise that they are on this list. Even though their funerals are a bit simpler than the aforementioned groups, they still splash some cash.

Funerals are necessary but in Ghana, we spend too much money on them. Some families can spend over 50K Ghana Cedis or more on funerals, whereas there may be family members alive who need the amount to start a business, travel, or do something productive. We should evaluate our priorities. We can learn a thing or two from the Muslims.

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