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The bread cast on the water can still be found among many days.

 Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days ”~ Ecclesiastes 11:1 (ESV). 

A story alludes to a young man who travelled to a far country to seek greener pastures. His wife subscribed to his proposition and he left. 

 He got to a small town and worked with a certain man for many years without a monthly salary. He suggests his employer keeps his money as savings until he was ready to leave. 

Indeed, his employer was faithful to keep all his saving for him, and finally gave it out when he was about to leave. The man had a lot of money with which started his own business with the support of his wife upon reaching his destination. The man was not interested in the monthly salary received at the end of the month, but his interest was in the monthly salary saved after many days.

Solomon admonished us to cast our bread upon the waters, and after many days we shall find it. Examining this scripture carefully from the lens of our human senses, it doesn't sit well, but when we use the lens of the spirit and look at it from the divine perspective, it carries weight and power. 

My focus rests more on the after many days. Whatever you find yourself doing today, don't look at the pain and the hardship that comes alongside; consider "the after many days".

Our parents spent so much money on us, their focus was not on the moment of spending, but the after many days. They had hope and believed in you. They knew you would make them proud after many days.

And here you are after many days putting joy and smiles on the face of your parents which has further trickled down to your siblings and some extended family members after many days. 

The Christian journey is not an easy one, but after many days when our days on earth are over, we shall be rewarded. Jesus knew there was victory ahead of him, after many days so he endured the cross.

Hold on fast to the little things that you do, and faint not for after many days, you will see the reward of your labour. The vision may look blurry and appear like a mirage, but after many days it will take shape and the vision will be clearer.

I charge you in the much less name of Jesus that you keep fighting until victory has been delivered. God bless you and have a fruitful day!! Shalom!! 

It won't rain forever, the sun will shine again. Keep hope alive, don't kill it. Joe writes!!!

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