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Did You Know Cassava Leaves Have This Powers?

Plants and herbs have been given a great deal of strength by God. That is why, according to Ezekiel 47:12, He commanded us. And by the river, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, nor shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, since their waters released from the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.

Growing up, I lived in the village for many years and became acquainted with a number of elderly people who taught me several things about which I had no prior knowledge. One elderly person told me that there are some trees in the forest that can actually speak, but you have to be spiritually inclined to hear them. He also said that if someone attempts to cut down a tree and does not position himself so that his shadow does not fall on the tree, the person will die instantly after being cut down.

Cassava leaves have now proved to be beneficial in a variety of ways. It can be used to prepare food. Spirituality The leaves have the ability to avoid urine for an extended period of time. For example, if you're going on a long trip and don't want to stop on the road to urinate, grab some cassava leaves and stuff them in your back pocket. You will not feel the need to urinate until you take the leaves out of your bag.

When there is a festival or some other occasion, chiefs and other people use this a lot. You should give it a shot the next time you go on a long journey.

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