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Anselms Ontological argument: Proof of the existence of God

The question of God's existence is something not easily comprehensible. Many people have tried to prove his existence in all sort of ways. In a world that believes in evidence, it sometimes becomes difficult to give enough reasons to substantiate the claim that God is not dead. 

In order to arrive at a conclusion that there is a God, it is necessary to know what some people have said about it. It is also important to know that proving the existence of God can be done in two ways i.e analysis of concepts and experience. Our focus is going to be on the first way, analysis of concepts which can also be referred to as ontological arguments.

Let us start with one of the finest medieval philosophers, Anselm of Canterbury.

Anselm was an Italian Benedictine Monk, philosopher and theologian of the Catholic Church. In his famous work “Proslogion" he argued favourable to the existence of God.

In his work, Anselm defined God as that than which nothing greater can be thought. Confusing right? It simply means that you cannot think of something greater than God. Now, for something to be great, it must have the capacity of existing in the mind, and in reality. For example, I can think of Ice Cream, and I can see Ice cream, i.e it exists both in the mind and in reality. Certainly it would be absurd to say that Icecream is greater than God. Well if that is the case, and God is that than which nothing greater can be thought, then he must necessarily exist in the mind, and in reality.

Amazing isn’t it? This argument is called Anselm’s ontological argument, and of course, since it was his idea, many people critiqued him, the likes of Guanilo of Marmoutier, who said that this argument can be used to prove the existence of everything. 

Have you ever wondered how the earth came about, how the solar system functions, how ordered the planets are? There is a being behind all these things. Even though some scientists believe in the big bang theory, the question is “What caused the big bang theory?” There is always a cause for everything, and the one who began this causality process is God, the uncaused cause.

Believe it or not, the universe didn’t come by chance. It is the work of a being, a being not visible to the human eye, and that being is God.

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