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Mother's kind of Love is God's Love

Mothers naturally love their children. Though mothers show love towards all their children, there is always one of the children who's a mother's favorite. If you happen to be the child your mother loves most then remember that you're a child that God really loves. God loves us all, but such are dearest to God's heart like they're dear to the mother's heart. Someone may ask, how true is this? Let me tell you, there are a lot of such incidents in the bible. Jacob was the mother's favorite. The bible says Jacob I love Esau I hate, who was saying this? It is God Himself who said that before they were brought into the world. And you will realized that Jacob was the mother Rebecca's choice whereas Esau was the father's. If you happen to be your father's choice and not mother, though you're loved, your are not the one after God's own heart. God's love is like a mother's love not that of a father. That's why the Akans call God Nyame Obaatanpa. God is Obaatanpa like the mother hen.

Someone may ask, what if both parents love the child? If you're loved by both parents, then you're the Joseph of the family. You're the bread winner. You will one day deliver the family of your parents like Joseph in the bible. Joseph was a child that was not only the father's favorite but also the mom Rachel.

Finally, I want to talk about David who the bible says he is a man after God's own heart. As we all know, David was not all that loved by his father and his mother too the bible never made mention of her, but I tell you David was the mother's favorite. The mother of David was never told of, we don't know David's mother. If she is mentioned I don't know but what I believe is that he was the mother's choice. If you are the kind that your mother died and you were left in the care of your father who never showed much love to you, then I tell you, you're God's favorite child.

Mother's kind of love is God's love is a revelation I received and I believe it 💯%. You've just read it and I don't know of you, you can also share your views with us. Bless you.

© _Pastor I. T_

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