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You will be blessed forever when you do this daily

''He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.'' Psalm 23:2

Brethren, God is our father, the Creator of the universe; he knows everything because he is Omniscient (Luke 12:7). The psalmist said God makes him lie down in green pastures. Beloved, God knows what you need, and he is preparing you to lie down in green pastures. The pastures are green, meaning that he is preparing the best for you.Why don't you submit yourself to him so that you can enjoy the best of His provision? Some become impatient with God and find themselves in a mess (Genesis 16:2-5).

Beloved, after the sheep are fed, they are led to the still waters to drink water— to refresh them and help them digest the pasture they have eaten. Jesus Christ is our shepherd in the New Testament (John 10:11). He wants to lead you to the still waters of a joyous, victorious life and a place of rest. Please follow Him and learn of Him; for he is all knowing, and you will never miss your earthly and eternal blessings. Hallelujah! Keep following Jesus Christ!

Prayer point: my dear heavenly Father, thank you for giving us Jesus Christ to lead us. I have made up my mind to follow Him diligently; to enjoy the joyous prosperous life that He has planned for me. Please remind me to share with others when I start enjoying the prosperous life He has led me into. Amen!

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please follow me to share with you what to do to have the right to the tree of Life.

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