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Women Don’t Deserve to Do This Tedious Work. This is Bad.

When God created the Universe and Adam, with his Eve went ahead to enjoy an apple, God gave a clear instruction to both genders: women will struggle in childbearing and men will work hard enough to take care of the family.

This makes sense because the struggles women go through during pregnancy is nothing comparable to the kind of tedious works men do for a living. They carry human being in their bellies for 9 months and on the day of delivery, it’s just too unbearable for them.

So why should they also do additional hard work for a living? It’s so wrong. This woman is seen carrying 3 bags of cement. One bag weighs 50kg, thus, she is carrying 150 kg and holding one in her palm: making 200kg.

Oh, my goodness. For what wages is worth this amount to Hard work? For all we may know, something less than $20 will be given to her. Clearly, I am not comfortable with this at all. I believe in Hardwork but this type of work is not for women. And I suspect all sensitive folks out there will support me on this.

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