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Valentine Day And Backbiting

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatu Allaahi Wabarakaatuh

Topic: Backbiting

Do you find yourself in the swimming pool of backbiting about others? Read this piece below

It is very pathetic how in this day and age of ours, we regard backbiting about others as a normal. Instead of concentrating on our own matters, we leave our compounded matter but rather try to probe into the affairs of others, which in no way concern us.

It has become our habit/norm of talking about people as if we have been granted that mandate to do so. But the main cause of this is due to our definition of what Backbiting is.

You also hear people saying “he/she is this and that” when you try intervening then the person replies “I’m not afraid of him/her. I can say it in his/her presence”.

We took Backbiting as anything that cannot be said in the presence of another person. So far as I can say it without fear in his/her presence, it means I’m not Backbiting but I wonder where we got that definition from.

Let us consult the best of mankind, the Prophet and Messenger of Allah, Muhammad ( Sallallaahu Alaihi wasallam) concerning Backbiting.

He the prophet said;

(الغيبة؛ ذكر أخاك بما يكره)

Backbiting is saying anything about your ” friend” which he dislikes

That is the definition coming from the mouth of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW).

It is up to us to decide which is which?

“He/she is a thief, or that” my brothers and sisters which one is your business? Is he/she there to impress you in this life? Why do you worry yourself on what is not due to you?

Nobody was born to impress anyone apart from the creator. We leave our bad deeds and always, are concern about the affairs of other people.

Do not forget Backbiting is among the great sins that can prevent the doer from getting Allaah’s mercy if not repented.

You always relief the person from sins as you speak about him. Anytime you speak ill about him/her, you are automatically taking out his/her sins on your shoulders. So BEWARE!.

IGNORANCE is the virus killing us. We must ask before concluding on matters related to Islam.

The worst enemy of Islam today is the ignorant Muslim

Whether you accept or not, that is the fact.

He celebrates Christmas, Valentine day, Mothers day, fathers day, bringing bride when observing wedding ceremony, ……..

When you try educating him, he/she start revealing his ignorances to you.

If everybody is going to bring what he thinks is good/right in Islam, I swear we cannot practise real Islam.

Islam has a constitution. It is not what I/you/he/she thinks/think is right but what was taught by the prophet and Messenger of Allah, Muhammad(SAW). We should focus on mending our ways and leave the affairs of others to them, after all, we are not sent us guardians over them. In any case, if we should interfere, it should be with the positive intention of trying to correct such individual. But we should not go about talking about others, revealing their faults and secrets to the public.


Abu Abdullaahi bun Abdullaah

Do well to send salutations to the best of mankind

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Alaikum Warahmatu Assalaamu Valentine Day


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