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My Uncle Pastor Raped Me I Got Pregnant, I Fasted For 3Weeks For Him To Die And He Died- Lady Says

A lady by the name Ann has narrated her story of how she prayed to God and fasted for 3 weeks for her uncle to die, and he died. Ann, mother of 3 children, was born into a family of 9. Her parents couldn't train her in school because there was no money, and her mother's brother took her to stay with her.

Ann said her uncle, who was a pastor, welcomed her into his family, put her in school while she did all the house chores and babysat their baby. One day, her uncle told her to stop going to school. She stayed at home for 2 years. When his wife gave birth, she was baby sitting the baby. 

After six months, his wife resumed work. One day, his uncle returned from work in the afternoon, locked the door, entered her room and raped her. She became pregnant when she was 5 months pregnant. He accused her of sleeping around with men and sent her home. 

She said she was depressed and still can't figure out why her uncle, who was a pastor, would rape her. She went into fasting. She fasted for 3 weeks and prayed for him to die, and he died. She prayed for God to take his life. On the fourth week, he had teeth aches. From there, he developed cancer and died. 

She pleads for forgiveness from her family for hiding it from them and prays for her uncle to die. She said she feared God and became a born-again.

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