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Throwback To When A Pastor Bans His Church Member For Inappropriate Dressing To church

The house of God Is a sanctuary, a holy place and a home to the people of God in times when comfort and support is needed, hence it can not tolerate any form of indecency or wrong doings. But it seems the modern world has made alot of people forget all the ethics which was instilled in them as children, hence they tend to disrespect certain laws.

Back in 2016, A Pastor in New Orleans had to ban a church member from coming to the house of God, it was an action which the whole Christian family endorsed and praised the pastor for taking the step. The lady came to church wearing a skin tight gown that revealed her entire body shape, and caused alot of confusion and distraction in the church.

According to pastor Jenkins; "Ass like that ain’t nuthin but the Devil. I used to say Come As You Are but she has to leave that booty at home”. These words expresses the pastor's disappointment in the lady's choice of outfit and calls on everyone to come to God in a decent manner.

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Christian Jenkins New Orleans


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