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Do this to end bad dreams and torments by evil spirits

Dreams can make and unmake you!!! yes you heard me right. Your life can take a turn around through a dream.

Bad dreams imbeds in us fear and panic.

The lives of Samuel, Daniel, Mohammed, Pythagoras, Socrates, Buddha, Joseph, Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaoh to mention a few took a great change after dreams.

Dreams are channels through which the spirit world communicate with the physical world. It is actually one of the main gateways between the two worlds. Dreams in the physical realm is considered to be a playback of communications we miss out on our noisy world.

It is the heart desire of everyone to have good dreams hence the statement sweet dreams.

    Let Us Dive Into Todays Topic

Do you have torments in the night?

Do you feel witchcraft manipulations in your room?

If yes this article is for you

    How To Go About It

Fetch sea salt and pray over it rebuking every bad dream and witchcraft manipulation.

Place sea salt at the four corners of your room

The creator in his divine wisdom imbedded into sea salt repelling power over evil spirits.

This exercise is purely nature. You are not praying to the salt but the creator in the salt for the creator is inside all his creation.

If I see you a bowl before you, I am actually not bowing to you but the Divine Greator inside you.

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Do you know the African had the ability to store fresh fruits and vegetables for months before the Europeans came with their fridge.We did it through nature. 

I am unapologetically an African, a person of Melanin. We are people that do not dwel into sin, the cradle of human civilisation.

Prayer has always and will always be the key to the solutions of our problems but how to effectively pray is a challenge to many people

May the divine peace of the Divine Greator be with you, may he keep you from bad dreams, may he keep you from evil manipulations, may he protect you and above all show you his Divinity.


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