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The fake pastors are gradually covering up the good ones.

Notice this tweet and the comments and ask yourself the denomination of the system we are in now. Some comments seem to jest but they are truly serious.

This is the tweeted question.

This one said he will not tolerate any false sermons.

This reply says that all the evildoers are the ones in the church.

Gradually, it might get to a time where only the preachers' wives, elders, and family members will be in the church. We seem to jest with everything, but things are not be done in such a manner. You can joke with everything, but things of God are to be exempted.

Social media seems to be the main platform, where you can talk anyhow because we know that nobody can delineate, detect or recognize us.

Most of the fake pastors are seriously destroying the genuine ones.

Unfortunately, it's having greater gloomy impacts as far as attending church is concerned.

The reason why nobody can vilify pastors is that it is written biblically from Mathew 7:1-2 that "Do not judge or you too you will be judged. For the measure of judge you use, will be used against you." This conveys that nobody has the personal right to judge others, it's only God that will judge at the end of this world.

This has lead many people especially youthful potential Christians to stop going to the church of God, and worst of all hating the church of God.

But since only God judges, we sometimes see some pastors being uncovered, it might be through loss of all properties, death, imprisonment, and the likes. All these things are some of the wrathful natures of God and it's the very advent of the actual deep torments that will be fulfilled at the end times.

We must be very attentive nowadays in other to see these fake pastors.

In Mathew 7:16 it says" You shall know them by their fruit". In this case, it doesn't necessarily imply to all pastors.

Let us stand for all good pastors and hold the good churches.

I hope you found this valuable. Please like, comment, and share for more. Thank you.

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