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After More Than 20 Years, God Visited Her And Took Away Her Sorrows.

Children in the presence of the family are the only true source of happiness in marriage. In most African countries, new marriage couples are required to give birth after at least two years of marriage. If couples are unable to satisfy the fundamental reason for their union, pressure begins to build. The majority of the time, women are held responsible, but men are also to blame.

Many people are attending prayer camps in the hopes of receiving divine guidance from God in the form of a child to alleviate societal mockery. Others find it all too easy to become pregnant, and when they do, they choose to abort the child. There is no such thing as a perfectly balanced universe.

An unidentified Nigerian woman posted an emotional video of herself holding her baby on social media. God heard her prayer and blessed her womb with a child after more than 20 years of marriage. She couldn't stop thanking God until she got home after leaving the hospital.

Her loving and compassionate husband, who stood beside her with a flower to thank God for all the pain and sorrow she has suffered over the years, gave her a flower to thank God together.

Whatever you are going through today, remember that the same God who delivered the Israelites from Egypt has his eyes on you and will certainly visit you at the appointed time. Never, ever give up on Him.

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