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Theft robbery

Funny Jokes for the day

Sakrakoto is angry because, he think that someone has stolen his wallet. He went into a church to steal someone else’s wallet. He changed his mind during the ongoing service. He confesses to the congregation after the end of the service about what he had planned to do initially.

The priest ask him, “What makes you change your mind?”

Sakrakoto said, “In your preaching on the Ten Commandments, when you got to ‘Thou shall not commit adultery,’ I remembered where I left my wallet!”

Coservation Between a Man and his Father-In-law

Young man, you are coming to seek my daughter’s hand in marriage and you are chewing gum.

That’s a sign of disrespect!

Dipper: Sir, I only chew gum when I drink or smoke.

Father-In-Law: You mean you drink and smoke and you are here to seek my daughter’s hand in marriage?

Dipper: Sir I only drink and smoke when I go to the club.

Father-In-Law: You club too?

Dipper: I’m sorry sir, I started clubbing when I came out of prison.

Father-In-Law: You’ve also been in prison before? Oh my God!

Dipper: Sorry sir, I went to jail when I killed somebody!!

Father-In-Law: What!!! You’re a killer and you want me to give you my daughter’s hand in marriage?

Dipper: Sir, it happened out of anger. It was a certain man that didn’t allow me marry his daughter, so I killed him.

Father-In-Law: You are highly welcome my son. You are on the right track. You are absolutely the right man for my daughter.

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Sakrakoto Ten Commandments


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