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Tuesday, 13th April has been declared the day for the commencement of Ramadhan by Saudi.

The supreme court of Saudi Arabia had officially declared tomorrow, 13th day of April, 2021 as the day for the commencement of Ramadhan, since the crescent moon has been sighted this evening. The Arabian committee has finally drawn in to this conclusion through the court.

Ramdhan is the holy month in which all muslims abstain themselves from eating, drinking and other sins in day time, throughout the month.

This is done ones in every year or 365 days. Since the commencement will be tomorrow, lets as muslims try our possible as usual to be committed and do what Allah has actually ordered us to do. We need to be cautious of what will nullify our "ibaada"

We pray and hope for Allah's blessings, mercy, guidance and forgiveness throughout this Ramadhan. May the Allah all our difficulties in this month, and may the month bring us Iman, peace and baraqa. Ramadhan Kareem to all muslims across the world.

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