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I Will Drop My Bible And Stop Preaching If You Have A Breakthrough In Life Without Giving- Pastor

Pastor David Ibiomi, Founder and Senior Pastor of Salvation Services, talks to his members about “Moving God's Hands – Part 1” / Prayers for Opportunities in First Worship, Home Salvation Service Success.

According to Church Gist, he says he hasn't prayed for money and hasn't even prayed for money since 1997. "This is my territory. You are urging God to answer you, not pray for it. If you want to pray from morning to morning when you get a breakthrough, come and say without giving up I will give up this Bible and I will stop preaching," he said.

He said that if you pray for money you will never break through, you have to give to get money. If you take money for nothing, he says he will stop preaching and resign tomorrow. That's not possible.

He went on to say it was like trying to pluck a star from the sky with his bare hands. There is no way for God to violate the Scriptures now; He said, "The season of sowing and reaping will never end."

However, it's impossible to say, "God, I need money," and you don't give money and you don't have money unless you want to steal; unless you get it by robbery. But for the Kingdom, for God to open, that is impossible. It's like trying to open a house with a Peugeot key.

Finally, he says he teaches because Christians get so frustrated that they think the devil is the problem. They prayed very well, but the Lord said, “I am not a bad God; Do as I command." He then said that many did not know what to do and were disappointed that the people who taught them did not know what to do either.

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