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Before You Start Your Day, Say These Powerful Prayers For God’s Protection and Riches

You should make every effort to pray these powerful prayers as much as possible since they will aid your spiritual growth. Please consider if you are qualified to pray these prayers before you do so.

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Are you a believer or sceptic?

Have you dedicated your heart and soul to Jesus?

If you haven't already done so, please do it right now to qualify, and if you have, please join apostle Jonson Suleman in praying these powerful prayers. The following are prayers to pray this morning for God's protection and to assist you in divine and term business goals.

*As I begin to pray, say my father, my father, and ask that anything in my life that does not bring honour to you is uprooted in Jesus' name. In Jesus' name, Lord God, may your Angels of Protection guard me and my family today from the devil's malicious schemes.

* As I begin to pray, in Jesus' name, may every demonic nightmare or bad dream this night be eradicated.

* In Jesus' name, I eliminate anything that may cause grief and suffering to myself and my family after this night.

* In the name of Jesus, I extinguish all witchcraft and wizardry against me and my family members with fire.

* In the name of Jesus, I eliminate any witchcraft and wizardry activity in my house tonight with the authority granted to me by the Highest God.

* My father, my God, I blanket my land with blood that speaks louder than Abel's.

* In Jesus' name, I pray that beginning tonight, You would unleash Your plentiful blessings for me and my family.

* In Jesus' name, I condemn every spirit of fear and ask God to give me the spirit of wisdom.

* Father, as I commence to worship, I place the mark of Christ on myself and my home, in Jesus' name.

* I pray to you, Lord, for greater wealth and money. Today, in Jesus' name, God grant me grace in my life.

Claim those prayers by typing Anen. Thank you for your service to God.

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