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Is Jesus Christ Truly The Only Way ?

Satan set the precedent for manipulation in the Garden of Eden when he told eve that she will not die when she eats the forbidden fruit, he further alleged that she and the husband will be just like God after eating the fruit. The devil found an excuse and used the excuse as a basis to tell lies in others to get eve to do what he wanted her to do. Similarly, most of the issues surrounding the authenticity of Jesus Christ or Yeshua are not really about whether Jesus is real or not. It is really about finding a way to win the battle of the soul for the devil

One of the biggest excuses that serve as a basis for disputing the authenticity of Jesus Christ is the fact that it is alleged that the Jews who were supposed to be his people do not accept the authenticity of Jesus. But the truth is that the Jews do not dispute the fact that Jesus Christ was a true prophet. What they dispute is the fact that Jesus Christ said he was the son of Jehovah.

Everything about Jesus Christ are things that can be verified in Israel today. So is the authenticity of the promises and power in his name. There are a lot of people who say they do not follow Jesus because there is no power in his name and following Jesus christ only leads to poverty, lack, needs, and suffering. But the reality is that you do not need Jesus Christ to have earthly wealth or abundance. Becoming wealthy and living in abundance is a matter of principles. Unless the person wants to be lazy and use human beings for money ritual or source of wealth

Jesus Christ only came to redeem us and restore us to the original plan of God for man. So hooking up with Jesus only restores man to the original plan of God and keeps man in constant connection with his source. It's like replacing an expired bulb with a new one, once you replace the expired bulb with the new one, it guarantees you light but you cannot get that light if you do not switch the light on. So hooking up with Jesus for God is not about getting money or earthly wealth its about remaining connected to the creator of the heavens and earth and his will for man

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