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Does Dressing Matter In Church? Some Ghanaians React After This Church Photo Goes Viral

There is indecent dressing or indecency in the church and this has reasons, causes, and effects. Church according to Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is a public building where Christians come together to worship. There is another current definition of the church.

 In that definition of the church, it is referred as the Christians who worship God and no longer a public building where people gather. Those who gather by themselves are therefore referred to as the church because they themselves are the carriers of God whom they worship. 

Since holiness is required from worshipers, it is equally expected people mind the type of dresses they put on before going. 

According to the the photo, a young lady and man can be see adressing the congregation but what caught the eye of Ghanians is there dress code. 

Ghanians had different views on how one should dress while going to church. 

The provocative indecent dressing of christian women in today churches is horrible and pathetic. Is not a fashion but irresponsible and demonic. 

Many Churches frown at indecent dressing, this is evident in the way members dress to church and the sign post placed on strategic places of the wall to show new members or visitors the acceptable mode of dressing in the church.

 These churches believe that the human body is the temple of God that must be adorned reasonably according to 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verses 19 to 20. Meanwhile, some churches, especially the “new generation” churches do not pay much attention to their members’ mode of dressing, these churches are largely dominated by youth. They believe that there are more important kingdom matters to focus on rather than dressing.

 To them one’s mode of dressing does not determine where one spends their life after death. They often say that God does not look at physical appearance, but the intents of the heart, hence members should come the way they are.

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