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3 Reasons Your Angels Want You To Have Money in Abundance

There are many ideas about money "out there" (and inside each of us), particularly what God or anything holy or divine thinks about it. 

I still hear from time to time that money is the root of all evil. And, given on the actions of many people who publicly have or pursue money, I can understand why some believe it to be true. (Although it does ignore the excellent works of many other publicly rich persons.)

Angels may point out what difficulties or energies need to be removed in order for money to be neutral for you. Again they may also advise some changes of focus or action that you should take moving ahead in your life; but they will never pronounce money to be "bad" for you.

The Highest Divine Source, have shared with me about why they not only want us to have money but are happy to support us in manifesting it.

The following are 3 Reasons Why Your Angels Want You To Have Money in Abundance:

1. Because they have no opinions about money

We humans enjoy categorizing things as "good" vs. "bad," "holy" vs. "evil." Even though you and I don't do it as much these days, we still have old thinking habits and limiting beliefs that assign those divisions.

Angels, on the other hand, do not use labels. Any differentiation they make is based on their missions to help us, so the labels they use are more akin to "serves highest good" and "doesn't serve highest good," depending on who they're helping. Money, in their opinion, is neutral in and of itself; how money is handled by the person who possesses it is what gives it the appearance of being "good" or "evil," but this does not change its character.

2. Because lack of money distracts you from your purpose

I can assure you that fretting about your debt is not your purpose for being on Earth. In order to ensure that you have enough money while you're out there serving the world, the spiritual team that has been with you since before your Earthly birth - made up of Angels, guides, and possibly even some Ascended Masters - is pleased to do so.

The only time it ever seems like they aren't bringing you the money you require is when you are expending too much energy on negative financial thinking. They would be able to float that money to you without any resistance if you put an end to your worries and concentrated on helping others.

3. Because you can use it to serve the world

Your angels are pleased to send you enough money to share with others in addition to helping you generate enough money to meet your basic requirements. The easier it is for you to support charity organizations or add new employees to your business, the wealthier you are.

Your angels are aware of your heart as well as yourself. They are aware that you won't hoard the extra cash for yourself. They are aware of your intense desire to improve the lives of numerous individuals. They may view your wish list, which may include material items like a new car, house, or travel experiences, but they can also see the causes you care about and the methods you want to give back.

Having money may, in fact, be part of your mission on this world. Allow your Angels to assist your eternal success and let go of any other belief.

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