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What Type Of Deliverances Is This? - See What This Prophet Did To A Lady.

Religion was once thought to be a place of refuge, deliverance, and healing, thanks to the influence of the holy sport.

However, it's unfortunate that certain self-proclaimed prophets have flipped something on its head. In the name of healing, they are now putting their members' lives in danger.

Nonetheless, I wish that government in various countries will toughen its laws governing the majority of religious organizations' activities in order to ensure the citizens' well-being.

This followed a viral video of a self-proclaimed pastor who was captured on camera endangering the life of one of his members by physically carrying her up and nearly throwing her to the ground. During the deliverance part, the innocent female refuses to fall, but the prophet expects to be pulled to the ground by the force of the holy spirit.

Arresting the pastor will help create awareness to others be if the lady had wounded in the process it would have been bad.

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