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Do This If You Experience The Following Dreams.

A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

A group of people see dreams as a mental hallucination and as a result sickness. They therefore do nothing in response to the dreams they experience. To them, there is no need reflecting and worrying oneself about what one saw and thought of when asleep.

To another group of people usually the religious and spiritualists, one should not joke about a dream. They see a dream to be a forecast of what is to happen. It can also be a revelation of what has already happened.

Religiously, all the three major religions in Ghana believe in dreams. Dreams are categorized into good and bad dreams. Good dreams are the one's which reveal and tell us of issues that are of benefits to us. For example, they may warn us of what will happen in a journey we want to embark on. Bad dreams on the other hand are dreams that haunts the individual. It puts the individual into fear and panic. Such dreams are manipulated by evil spirits.

This world is filled with both positive and negative forces, good and bad angels. The bad forces and angels are satanic. These include witches, wizards, dwarfs and other hosts of spirits.

Good angels are Godsent ones that are sent to speak and reveal to man what is hidden. Such dreams do not put fear and panic on the individual. Dreams are not an end in themselves. The dreamer has a role to play in the realization or otherwise of it. Do the following if you experience the following dreams.

1. Dreaming of someone beating you in fight: majority of people experience this dream. It means we battle not with flesh and blood. If you are defeated in a dream, it means the devil has overcome you. You need to pray against such defeat immediately upon waking up from sleep.

2. Wet-dreams: This refers to when one experiences sexual ecstasy during sleep. One dreams of having sexual fun either with a known or unknown person. In either cases, it is not good to experience such a dream. This dream leads to disappointment in life. If a breakthrough is close and you experience this dream, you are likely to miss it. Upon waking up, beseech the blood of Jesus to cleanse you. Denounce every spiritual wife or husband in prayers.

3. Dream of somebody snatching/taking money from you: This indicates an attack against your finances. Pray for God's mercy and start being kind to people especially poor widows and orphans.

4. Dream of missing sandal: If you are about traveling and experience this dream, you are likely not to be successful in your new land. Wait and pray before for our merciful God to lead and guide you.

By: Jmahama

Content created and supplied by: Jmahama (via Opera News )



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