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Musings from My Quiet Time: Who will Help You in Times of Trouble.

II Chronicles 13

Today, my quiet time was focused on kingship on Abijah, the grandson of Solomon.

His time as king was short but unlike his father he was a man whose heart was fixed on Jehovah God. His walk with God was not perfect but he was a man who knew God for himself. On the other side of the boarder was a king who was blessed with a kingdom that was never his to begin with yet, when the blessing came, he turned his back on the giver of the gift and resorted to idols. He had resources so large, he could mathematically crash Abijah and Judah when these two kings went to battle against each other. Jeroboam the king of Israel had an army twice the size of Abijah's army. Yet, it was Abijah who won the war with only a standing army of four hundred thousand.

A Christian's goal in life is not to run from battles, instead, we are urged to call upon the God of Victory into what ever battle we walk into. It is important to know that you cannot call on someone you have no idea of in time of trouble for help. So it is important for us as Christians to cultivate a relationship with our loving God who yearns for our attention. If we do, he will come to our aid when we need it most.

A relationship with God starts from being born again. It involves a simple prayer invoking the blood of Jesus to cleanse and renew your son-ship with your creator. A relationship is maintained by constant interaction. For the unseen God, such an interaction starts with daily studying the Bible and praying (speaking your thoughts as to another person).

Are you ready to crash the enemy who seems greater and stronger than you? Call on God today, he is reliable even in these troubled times.

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