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The wisdom from above

Wherever there is union with Christ there is love. There is no profit in any fruit we bear if we neglect love. Love to God and our neighbor is the very essence of our religion. No one can love Christ and not love His children. When we are united to Christ, we have the mind of Christ.

Christ abiding in the soul exerts a transforming power, and the outward aspect bears witness to the peace and joy that reign within. We drink in the love of Christ, as the branch draws nourishment from the vine. If we are grafted in Christ, if fiber by fiber we have been united with the Living Vine, we shall give evidence of the fact by bearing rich clusters of living fruit. If we are connected with the Light, we shall be channels of light, and in our words and works shall reflect light to the world.

Those who are truly Christians are bound with the chain of love which links earth to heaven, and which binds finite man to the infinite God. The light that shines in the face of Jesus Christ shines in the hearts of His followers.

By beholding we are to become changed, and as we meditate upon the perfections of the divine model, we shall desire to become wholly transformed, and renewed in the image of God's purity. It is by faith in the son of God that transformation takes place in the character, and the child of wrath becomes the child of God. He passes from death unto life, and he becomes spiritual and discerns spiritual things. The wisdom of God enlightens our mind. In becoming a man of obedience to God, we get the mind of Christ, and the will of God becomes our will.

Anyone who places himself unreservedly under the guidance of the spirit of God will find that his mind expands and develops. He obtains an education in the service of God which is not deficient, and also develope a one-sided character, but one which results in symmetry and completeness. Continue devotion and piety bring one in a close relation to Christ that he has the mind of Christ. He becomes one with Christ.

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