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What could be the missing "ingredient" in life that so many people are missing?

There are numerous perspectives on life and how it unfolds. Permit me, but I want to ask you this question: Is life all about success and money? From a certain perspective, everyone, male or female, is striving for the same thing and the same goal.

What’s the end product of life? What would life's output be if it were a computer? What really throws people off is God and success (money). In religion, there’s a believer and an unbeliever, right? They will all go through life, suffer similar consequences and they will still make it.

At this point, was it God who made both of them rich or is that just how life is? In the same scenario, different angles could be carved out as, at a point, the unbeliever wouldn’t be successful and the believer would be, or, the believer would be unsuccessful and the unbeliever would be successful.

What are we missing? Some try taking it slow, some rush, and some don't know what to do at all. In some cases, they get too deep and end up in places they never intended to be because of their desire to achieve their goals and the methods they employ.

Taking a look at the image above, it’s a projection of how life turns out sometimes even when education comes in the scene. Many are "too successful" whereas others wonder too. Some people have no choice but to think; they wake up almost every night and scream at themselves for the entire time they are awake.

Dear reader, in your opinion, what could be the missing "ingredient" in life that so many people are missing? Many people work hard but do not succeed.

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