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The Relevant Light and Seal of Jesus Christ as Our ID in Him.

Confessing of sin and be BAPTIZED, means you are guarantying ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ. So that He'll also Seal His covenant of love and the glory of the journey we're walking in Him. Mathew the chapter 3 and the verse 6 is leading us to the confirmation that we've totally agreed to remain in the walking with Our Lord Jesus Christ, by confession of our sins and immediately be BAPTIZED into the accepting the real new Life the reborn. Or The Born again life. I've already told you to give up on satan and accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Lord and savior from your heart and soul, and your mouth confession it. So after this first step, then the Lord himself will fill you. But you must be BAPTIZED with water first. Which mean that you are now cleans from your sinful nature.

Now after Baptism, and of which your Journey in Christ have Totally started, all the sins which you have ever committed, must be confess before you BAPTIZED to remind of what you are coming from, and you shall never do them.

The Bible in the Book of John. The character 8. Jesus Christ told a sinful and a supposed condemn to death woman that : Your sins are forgiving you. So sin no more.

Which is telling all us, who refuse to go to hell with lucifer. But are Wise to ack as That Wise PRODIGAL Son, and run back Home to Our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that we should never be like dog, which vomit and go back and eat it. We should not sin anymore.

And I declare over your precious life in Christ Our Lord Jesus. That you're fill with the Power of Faithfulness for Him that sin is far far far from your life. You will live a life full of HOLINESS and Uprightness.


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