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Appeasing the Spirits; The Essence of Libations In Our African Tradition (Opinion).

In African Culture, African Traditional Religion, the ritual of pouring libation is an essential ceremonial tradition and a way of giving homage to the ancestors. 

Ancestors are not only respected in such cultures but also invited to participate in all public functions as they are gods and God. The English word "libation" derives from the Latin libatio, an act of pouring, from the verb libare, "to taste, sip; pour out, make a libation".

Libation therefore is an act of which a liquid is poured as a sacrifice ( to a deity). Libation is very common in our African Tradition as we mostly witness this during special gatherings and a specific or sacred occasions. 

In the act firstly a prayer is offered in form of libations, calling the ancestors to attend. The ritual is generally performed by an elder. Although water may be used, the drink is typically some traditional wine eg: Akpeteshie and the libation ritual is accompanied by an invitation and invocation to the ancestors, gods and God. In the Volta Region of Ghana, water with a mixture of corn flour is also used to pour libation.

During the libation, we honor the wisdom, love, and legacy of our ancestors and esteemed living elders.

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