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The battles of the oldest institution - Marriage

One may ask, "what are the battles of the oldest institution?" How many battles has this institution won? or, "how many battles has it lost since its establishment?" If you really know the oldest institution in the world, you will know that the battles of the oldest institution are countless and also battles won are countless, the same as battles lost. No one on earth knows the year the oldest institution was established, only God knows since He God founded it afore time. Because of this, no one can tell its beginning and to talk of even its end. It's very old. It is as old as the ancient of days. None can tell its beginning or end.

This institution that was established by God, has to be founded on the solid rock. This solid rock is the church of God which is Jesus Christ. Since creation, the foundation has always been Christ. Any other foundation is sinking sand. Christ is the foundation of God's church or institution since day one. Churches that are not founded on this foundation don't stand the test of life. They mostly fail.

The LORD JESUS CHRIST is not only the foundation, but more so the Head of the Church of God. In other words He is the Beginning and the End of the church or institution of God. That's why we call Him the Alpha and Omega. In the book of John the chapter 1 verse 3, the bible says, "All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." God knew that if the foundation is Christ, there is no way it will fail. This has been the initial plan and perfect will of God since time, but always man want to have its own way, there by going ahead of its Maker. Anytime we go before God and do not wait on God, the imperfect will of God is what becomes our portion. We need to let God lead for God is love, and if Love leads then definitely the lines will fall in their rightfully places.

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