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Understanding the situation between Bishop John and His wives.

Understanding The Situation Between Bishop John Each and His Two Wives...

Disclaimer: I hate to comment on domestic affairs but in this case, I was officially invited to comment by one of the parties since the story is already in the public domain.

I know Bishop John Egah but I didn't know his wife (I mean his 1st wife), Pastor Maureen until yesterday when someone gave her my number to contact me.

She phoned me in the morning and shared very sensitive information about the bishop she is/was married to. She accused the bishop of raping her niece, marrying a rich woman in America for her money, and kicking her out of the house.

Since the Bishop is someone I know and who has also reached out to me sometime last year, I decided to reach him for his side of the Story.

The bishop told me a different story from his wife's version and accused his wife of having a relationship with a certain Pastor Famous. Unfortunately, the bishop also accused his wife of having an affair with one of the respected voices of reformation whose name I won't mention as I still don't believe that accusation.

Having listened to both sides of the story, I made the following observations:

1. The bishop's second marriage, IF ENTERED WITHOUT THE APPROVAL of THE FIRST WIFE or DIVORCE of the first wife, is ILLEGAL before the law. Polygamy is NOT a sin but Bigamy is an offense against the law. 

2. The bishop seems to have moved on and there's nothing that will stop him from being with his new woman - Naomi. This is a sad breakdown of the marriage and can happen to anyone at any time. All we can do is to pray that peace reigns in the hearts of everyone who is hurt by this sad ending including the children. This breakdown was neither caused by the 1st wife, 2nd wife, or even the bishop. Marriage is unpredictable and while we encourage people to make their marriage/relationship work, we also can't force them to remain where their heart has left.

3. The first wife, Pastor Maureen reached an agreement of settlement with The bishop. The terms of that settlement should be honored. One of the terms of the settlement agreement has to do with the church properties being handed over to the 1st wife, Pastor Maureen who built the ministry with her husband over the years. This is only fair before God and man. She should have the right to make decisions on any of the properties allocated to her in the agreement without any interference from the bishop.

4. Both the bishop and his 1st wife now seem to have different doctrines and ministries. I hate when doctrines destroy marriages. Doctrines, whether wrong or right, are mere religious opinions or views... Don't let religion interfere in your love relationship. I don't care if that religion is Christocentric or mammonic, keep it away from your marriage. This is nonreligious wise advice. Heed it.

5. The allegations of rape should be immediately reported to the police. That's a very serious allegation. If you are in the know of a crime and you refuse to report the crime, the law is also against you. You have a civil responsibility to report sensitive allegations like Rape to the authorities as soon as you have evidence of such.

Friends, my heart breaks about this situation because I know that many pastor's marriages need serious help... What we call Pentecostal Ministry has made many of us Psychos, narcissists, self-image builders, and fake souls. After I dumped religion, I knew I had a lot of work to do on my personality..... I encourage every pastor here to reconsider their approach to marriage... Do you place your self-image and so-called ministry above your marriage? 🤔 Are you in a situation where you have discovered that you are losing it but you are ashamed to admit it? 🤔 It's time to learn from situations like this.

I am not here to condemn anyone... I am here to encourage all of us to introspect and seek mental reformation.

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Maranatha. By Charles Awuzie.

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