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The Fall Of Churches In Rwanda As Hundreds OF Churches Were Shut Down And Why?

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Without a question, churches are established and reckoned as a place of worship. The priority of Christianity should be to serve God implicitly and in truth. However, the kind of role Christianity plays in modern times, especially in Africa has arisen lots of concerns. Needless to say, religion is now a moneymaking business. Greed and selfish pursuit have overtaken many leaders who lyingly profess faith in God.

Earlier this year, Local government authorities in Rwanda suspended the activities of 714 churches in different parts of the country. Before we set the ball rolling as to why such a decision to close down churches was implemented, we need to, first of all, ask why such an enormous amount of churches are even in existence today.

Granted, Christianity nowadays must be put under serious scrutiny and examination in every corner of the earth. This exercise will help to eradicate the operation of false churches. Here are just a few reasons why hundreds of churches were shut down in Rwanda.

1. They lacked legal status.

2. They fell short of hygiene and safety standards.

3. The places of worship were found to lack basic infrastructure.

4. They were encroaching on the rights of others with noise pollution and roadblock.

5. Most of their church leaders lacked basic theological knowledge to run those churches.

From a practical point of view, these reasons and others should be the criteria for assessing churches, and regardless of the reputation of your church, if your church fails to meet any of these reasons you should be pulled out.

It's high time religion must be saved from drowning. People need to hear and know the truth. The lives of countless people are in danger all in the name of religion. Drastic measures should be taken, not only in Rwanda but also in other parts of the world to help revive Christianity.

Realistically, some people are overly dependent on churches. As a result, they have succumbed to given up all they have just to receive blessings from God. Meanwhile, such blessings are not guaranteed.

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