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Coronavirus will end in April, God has spoken- Bishop Asare Smith

Corona virus has been the world's problem since late 2019. Many people have lost their lives, family and jobs thanks to corona virus. The virus is so deadly and dangerous that it has been able to over shadow the devil's friend HIV AIDS. Some people have forgotten AIDS still exist because of Corona Virus. Before I move on let me please tell all University students to be very careful because I saw a screenshot of two guys communicating with each other. One said to the friend that last night he chopped a certain girl, the girl told the boyfriend she was going for SU all night. The other guy told the friend to go and check for HIV because he did the same thing and he has now attracted the virus. The guy responded bro for me I already have some and am spreading it so please be careful.

In latest news, Bishop Asare Smith who is the general overseer for the Heavenway Prayer Ministries has boldly said Corona virus will end in early May not exceeding 20th April, 2021. He said this when he was preaching just this morning on Great FM during the early morning worship show with host Duncan Erlse. According to the Bishop, God has been revealing this secret or vision to his since last year but he was afraid to speak up. So why the sudden speak up?. He said he knows his God is very truthful and believes in what he says is real. He said he is very confident that by early next two months, the virus will just become a thing of the past. 

Why would you doubt him if he says corona virus will end by April. I think if he really knows what he is saying then it is good news for we all. Let us just hope and pray for such good news in the country because corona has really tormented people. You may not really care about that if the presence of the virus alone in the country didn't affect you in anyway. 

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