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Angry Prophet And Herbalist Expose Themselves After Clashing Over Secret Dubai Spiritual Items.

Nobody knew what brought the feud between Warrior Prophet who claims to be a pastor and Aberewa Nana who calls herself a Herbalist. In a Facebook broadcast, the two self acclaimed Spiritualists fought so dirty Over some original Secret Dubai Spiritual items. 

According to the Herbalist, the Prophet is using some Spiritual items which is fake. She explained that, the Prophet is using his mind to "fool" his Congregants by selling some fake prayer perfumes and necklaces.

" I've vowed to expose that so called Prophet. All the Spiritual items he uses are fake. When you enter the Spiritual market in Dubai, you will get the original. Don't let that pastor who acts like a woman take advantage of you " Aberewa Nana the Herbalist fired. 

" That girl is suffering from the spirit of idolism. I'll pray and cast her demons out. How dare you say I act like a woman? You're also a lesbian. Spiritually, you know everything. Come and face me and I'll show you that there is a difference between a Herbalist and Prophet " Warrior Prophet fought back. 

Nobody knows about the exact Spiritual item they are fighting over. Again I'm wondering why they chose to use unprintable words to defame themselves. 

Watch these two videos below:

The Herbalist Accusations

The Prophet's Angry Reply

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Aberewa Nana Herbalist Warrior Prophet


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