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Did You Know That The Bible Forbids These Things, But we Still do Them Everyday

Apparently the Bible is an astounding book but hard to comprehend constantly. Numerous individuals have examined it however no one truly comprehends it without the assistance of the Holy Spirit. 

Dominant part of Christian's accept that in the wake of happening to Jesus Christ, the old confirmation is for the most part invalid with regards to it's application in our day by day lives, while others accept that the Bible is one book and that each word in it ought to be obeyed likewise. 

A portion of the activities and deeds that we do day by day as christians conflict with the expression of God in both New and Old confirmations. We should discuss the taboo deeds that we practice every day and Bible refrains to help them. 

Drawing tattoos 

These days tattoos is a typical thing on individuals' bodies, even those in chapels and serve in the gospel service have tattoos. As indicated by Leviticus 19:28 the Bible says " Do not cut your dead body or imprint tattoos to yourself." I am the Lord. 

Ladies talking in chapel 

1 Corinthians 14:34 " Women ought to stay quiet in houses of worship. They are not permitted to talk, yet should be in accommodation, as the law says." But these days most ladies own places of worship and are church heads. 

Meshing of hair and costly clothing regulations 

Hair plaiting and costly dress is a transgression as indicated by the Bible. 1 Timothy 2:9 " I additionally need the ladies to dress humbly, with respectability and appropriateness, adnorning themselves, not with expand haircuts or gold or pearl or costly garments." 

Eating more than you need to 

The vast majority become voracious without their own insight and it is a transgression. Adages 23:2 " And put a blade to your throat in the event that you are given to intemperance." 

Managing of the facial hair 

As per Leviticus 19:27 men are denied from managing their whiskers. "Try not to trim the hair along the edges of your head or clasp off the edges of your facial hair." 

Tattling your neighbor 

Tattling is a few group's #1 cup of tea or espresso, all the more so christians, when you tattle you are submitting sin. Leviticus 19:16 " Do not pass by spreading smear, among your kin. Try not to do whatever jeopardizes your neighbor's life." 

As indicated by the Bible we are generally miscreants, so don't pass judgment on anybody. What number of these transgressions do you submit?

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