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I Never Use 'JUJU' For Deliverance; It Was The Move Of The Holy Spirit - Bishop Bonegas Speaks.

The Bible warned Christians to be very careful about the those who have branded themselves as true man of God; of which in actual fact, they are false prophet. We must be much careful about the Wolves in Sheep Cloth. Bishop Bonegas has finally breaks his silence about series of allegations levelled against him over the period of years ( from 2016 till date).

Bishop Bonegas had the mandate today to speak on Onua TV. According to the man of God, he had delivered over thousands of people in his ministry and he can boldly say that, no Bishop or pastor in Ghana did the kind of deliverance he did in the past few years.

During the discussion, the host of the interview on Onua TV then asked Bishop Bonega whether his sort of deliverance should be attributed to the powers of black magic or Juju. Bishop Bonegas gave a straight forward answer without looking back.

"What is Juju you are talking about, I use to deliver over 3000 people in a day and I have never use something called JUJU. It is the move of God and the move of the Holy Spirit. I have been in the ministry for long and no Spiritualist has come out to mention my name as being his or her client.

Aside that, I have delivered many people and none of them has been to any radio station to say that he or she strike a deal with me for fame. When you avail yourself for God, he will use you nightly beyond the understanding of the people around. I take instructions of the Holy Spirit and I do what God Almighty Instruct me to do". - Bishop Bonegas reveals.

Bishop Dr. Bonegas it the leader and founder of Great fire pentecostal international. He is very powerful and his massive works is calling lost souls to the Kingdom of God.

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