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A family brought a dead guy from the grave for a picture shoot; miracles never cease to amaze.

For photoshoots, the family dresses up and poses as a corpse. Is it possible that we are living in the End Times?

This is a question that has been asked for millennia! 

Perhaps more people are asking this question today than ever before. 

There may never be another time in history when the end-of-the-world prophecy is more in tune with global culture and conditions than now.

It's difficult to ignore the prophetic indications all around us. The Church's "disintegration." 

The devastation caused by pandemics, Christians are being silenced, Globalization ascension, a shaky global stripping, the consequences of socialism and Religion for the enlightened. 

Jerusalem's prophetic role in the Earth's latter days, you don't have to be a biblical expert to recognize how Scripture foreshadowed many of the current events.

What is this world becoming? 

They claim that wonders never stop and that the irritating, odd events that occur around us are definite evidence that we are living in the end times. In the state of Anambra, a family decided to do something unconventional. 

Dr. Luke Nkanele's body had been at the mortuary for nearly four months when they decided it was time to bury him. 

According to family sources, the deceased had a high position in the family, and his death had a significant impact on the family. Rather than burying him in peace in a casket, they dressed him up in his Knight of St Mulumba garb, forced him to stand on his feet in some way, and began taking turns with photoshoots.

Certain East African tribes are known for this technique,

but it's never been heard of here

We sincerely hope that this viral act does not become all too widespread in our society.

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