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Pope Francis Assures Vatican Workers Of Job Retention

Pope Francis Assures Vatican Workers Of Job Retention

Pope Francis who is the current head of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide, has promised Vatican workers that none of its employees will lose his or her job, due to the corona pandemic which has immensely jeopardized the financial situation of the Vatican.

He said workers of the Vatican are the most important persons involved, hence no one will be left out and no one is going to lose his or her job. 

The Catholic Pope added that, nobody should suffer from the unpleasant economic effects of this pandemic.

He furthered encouraged workers to work harder to resolve this problem, of which he is clearly aware will not be an easy task.

Pope Francis disclosed in improvised remarks that there is no magic wand therefore there is the need to move forward as one family.

The assuring message delivered by the Pope to workers of the Vatican, looks like a very good news to all who had the fear they were going to lose their position of service as a result of the pandemic spreading like wildfire.

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