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Night Prayer: Oh God Arise, Waste Every Power Assign To Waste My Destiny


In this way all they that eat up you will be eaten up; and all thine enemies, all of them, will go into imprisonment; and they that ruin you will be a ruin, and all that go after you will I give for a prey. 

Jeremiah 30:16 


My God thank you for the endowment of life. Much thanks to you on the grounds that the issues of life didn't swallow me. Much thanks to you since you didn't give my foes triumph over me and my family. Much thanks to you eminent dad in Jesus name. I ask that you show kindness toward me Oh Lord and excuse me for my wrongdoings and offenses. Let the blood of Jesus profit for me and let my petition be replied in Jesus name. 

Any fortress of obscurity sitting tight for me at any intersection of my life be totally shamed in Jesus name. Force that have plan that l won't ever enter the following period of my fate be totally captured in Jesus name. Anyplace my fate is covered be unearthed in Jesus name. Anyplace my life and predetermination has been offered to blood of Jesus repurchase me in Jesus name. Force that has promised that l won't ever add up to any sure and incredible things throughout everyday life, be ended in Jesus name. 

Any prescience from insidious prophets, words from conjurer that my life won't ever make importance and l won't get to my predetermination in life blowback now. Each bolt and projectiles terminated against my predetermination blowback in Jesus name. Force that has captured, confined and subjugated my predetermination be totally obliterated in Jesus name. Forces from my establishment modified to squander my predetermination be squandered now in Jesus name. Ecological forces participating with fundamental forces to kill me, terminate now in Jesus name. 

Forces that has promised that l won't ever taste abundance in life terminate perpetually in Jesus name. Forces squandering abundance in my everyday life, l am not any more your applicant be squandered in Jesus name. Forces relegated that l will consistently be in clothes and pitiful ness kick the bucket immediately in Jesus name. Forces of my dad's and mom's home that has promised to squander my life in the present circumstance l get myself, be ended in Jesus name.Blood of Jesus, benefit for me and convey me from the hold and control of darkness totally in Jesus name.Thank you wonderful dad, for forward leap and replies to supplications in Jesus name. So be it, AMEN, AMEN fire. 

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Jeremiah Night Prayer


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