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Hilarious As A Picture Of Komfour Agradaa Ministry Pop Up On Facebook

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Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng who is popularly known as Komfour Agradaa together with Elder Big Akwes wishes to invite members to their new church at Sowutuom Last stop for revival. Komfour Agradaa was known to be a popular fetish priestess who was allegedly arrested for frauding her followers with money doubling baiting.

She was arrested at her Sowutuom residence by national security operatives. Her two television stations, Thunder TV and Ice 1 used to aid the money doubling scheme have been shut down for operating without a license. This follows public pressure on state authorities to regulate television content and stop ritualists from influencing the youth to believe ritual money exists.

Komfour Agradaa was released from jail a couple of days ago. The moment she was released, she called on a press conference and confessed that she was a changed person and that God has delivered her from all her enemies. He continued that anyone following the gods is wasting their time and that she Komfour Agradaa will never worship them again.

This brings us to today's topic. Now that Komfour Agradaa has been banned from showing money ritual contents, she has decided to be an evangelist and form a church. We all know that Komfour Agradaa got her source of income from money doubling and showing of ritual contents and now that she can not do these anymore, she has found a new way to fraud because most Ghanaians are Christians.

Now have a look at some comments made by the people after her flyer was posted on social media;

If this is serious then Ghanaians must be very careful and be vigilant. What is your thought concerning this new church formed by Komfour Agradaa? Will you love to be a member of this church or over your dead body? Let me see your comment in the comment section.

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