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Video: Pastor Gets Upset By The Confession Of A Young Man

There are several atrocities happening in the world today. A lot of people are committing crimes which other people are being made to pay for either by imprisonment or a sanction. Just a few of these cases people or victims or even witnesses share on social media or are being publicized.

This bad act has caused a lot of innocence people to serve unjustified punishments they did not commit or which they do d not even benefit from.

Recently on social media a video in which a pastor was seen beating a young man is going viral.

In this video, it could be seen that, a young man attended a church service with a church whose name is not yet known to me. This young man was being beaten by the head pastor of the church after confessing that he took an amount of money which was later reported to be missing.

According to him, another person was taken to jail because of that missing money. The confession the young man made got the pastor bored to the extent of fighting him in front of the congregation.


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