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Our Mandate Is To Preach The Word Of God And Not Money - Pastor.

The founder and leader of the Word Chapel Ministry sited at Madina suburb of Accra in the Greater Accra region, Rev Victor Yaw Frimpong has expressed worry about the rising trend in which some pastors allegedly demands huge sums of monies from the unsuspecting members of the public before they (pastors) could render them with their services.

Rev Victor Frimpong was particularly referring to the 'Direction Giving Services' (Akwankyere) and the manner in which some pastors have allegedly turned the service into commercial platforms. 

The pastor alleged that from the book of Genisis to Revealation the scriptures never endorsed pastors to charge congregation nor other people with a fee before services are rendered to them.

The powers of performing wonders, miracles, healings among others the clergy observed, were Divinely bestowed upon men of God freely without conditions.

Rev Frimpong noted that it was against this background that the Bible has made it emphatically clear that it has been given unto you free and you should also give out free.

Rev Frimpong said he always find it difficult to understand on whether if such pastors who slaps congregation with fees before giving them directions have not come across the duties of pastors on the Bible.

The man of God conceded the fact that pastors are though entitled to accept gifts just like any ordinary person, such gestures cannot be wrongly linked to Direction Services and allegedly extort monies from the congregation. 

Going forward Rev Frimpong alleged that some pastors charge as much as gh¢1000 before they can give one direction to a church member.

He alleged that such type of directions are unbiblical instead linked to idol worshippers who openly charge their clients before rendering services.

The man of God took the opportunity to advise such pastors to refrain from the act and bear in mind that nobody can use the name of God in vain and go scot free since judgement day awaits for every one after death.

Rev Victor Frimpong also advised public especially Christians to renew their faith in God since He (God) is the one who Has the keys to solve all problems.

Such pastors, Rev Frimpong alleged deserve to be treated with since their attitudes are questionable and moreover are not Biblically inclined to save souls.

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