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NOTE - One Key Way In Which God Proves Himself Strong In Our Lives

Judges 15:18 Samson was very thirsty. He cried out to the Lord, ‘You have helped me to win a big fight. Do I have to die of thirst? Your enemies would come and take me’. In the scripture above, the most strongest and greatest man of his generation, Samson had come to the weakest point of his life. At this point of his life, he was thirsty and ready to die.

Samson had met lots of difficult circumstances, from fighting thousands of soldiers to fighting a lion. Nonetheless, the situation he had found himself in, was different from the ones he had faced. This is very usual of many belivers. When we enjoy great deliverances in life for a while, a little trouble that comes through, seems to entangle them. 

A man who killed thousands, was now giving up on life due to thirst. Samson could boast of the great things we was doing, but had become helpless with thirst. God has several ways of humbling his people. He is God all by himself, and chooses ways to demonstrate to us that he is Omnipotent - the all powerful God.

Believers must understand that when things go well and then goes downhill, these are moments to learn that we must fully depend on God. 2 Samuel 3:39 I am the king that God has anointed. But I am weak today. These sons of Zeruiah are too strong for me. These wicked men have done evil things. And I pray that the LORD will punish them’.

If God has given you great victories in the past, he will certainly deliver you from any difficulty that comes your way. Rejoice in the Lord, and trust in the Lord for a performance. Judges 15:19 The Lord made a hole in the ground near Lehi. Water came out of it. Samson drank from it and he became strong again. The name of this water was En Hakkore (water of the one who shouted); it is still in Lehi. 

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