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Funny Pictures Implying That Men Can Never Be Content With What They Have

Men have been talked about severally because of their likeness for good and attractive things. Since time immemorial men have undoubtedly liked the beautiful things they see and as a matter of fact no one can do something about it.

According to the Christians' Holy book or bible, after God had finished creating the helper and companion Eve, Adam was very astonished seeing the beauty that Eve possessed.

Immediately Adam said This is the bone of my bone the flesh of my flesh. she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. This scripture can be seen in Genesis 2:23, this even confirms thst men are highly influenced with what they see. So this clearly shows that men will always appreciate the beauty of God even when the are married or are in relationships with other women.

Below are some funny and hilarious pictures that show how men are when it comes to the likeness of ladies.

This above Picture shows a man who just married but looking at a different lady whiles taking a walk with his wife.

And this also talks about opposite sex who got locked from having the notion of engaging in intercourse, the lady looks unconcerned but the man looks otherwise.

The first picture and a similar meaning like the above picture. The man walking and holding a lady is lustfully looking at another lady.

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