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Glass caskets: A new wave of culture

Culture is everything about human existence. These include naming, dressing, food, burial. It spans from the day one is born and ends the day one joins his or her ancestors.

The most crucial feature of culture is that it is dynamic. This means that aspects of culture must be reshaped to meet the current demands of society.

However, society in the name of cultural dynamism should not compromise what is due our future generations.

In Ghana, the three major religions believe in giving their members befitting burial. The ways of burial these religions are the same except Islamic burial. While traditional and Christian religions would bury their dead ones using casket or coffins, Islam believes in the fact that we came with nothing and must go back with nothing.

What we do as humans have direct correlation with the environment. One of such activities is the modern casket for human burial system.

What makes it environmentally unfriendly is the metal accessories added and glass caskets. They are non- biodegradable and have the following effects.

1. Glass and metal coffins never decay. This leads to a situation where land is not effectively managed well. A piece of land where these types of coffins are used does not allow for burial again.

2. Since land is not reusable due to metal and glass caskets systems, land for burial becomes too expensive.

Traditional leaders and environmentalists should wake up to save our land from this system of new culture.



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