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Check Out What A Pastor Was Seen Doing To A Church Member That Caused Reactions On Facebook (photos)

One Facebook group OMGVoice has shared a photo of a pastor sitting on one of his member's head preaching to his congregation.

 Currently, the post is causing big reaction on Facebook, analyzing the picture you can see a pastor comfortably seated on a man's face who seems to be a family man. 

Is it right for a pastor to sit on his church member preaching to his congregation, or is it wrong?

 In our world today many people see pastors as God, only in Africa can this evil be done. How on earth can a pastor do this to a family man, age to be a grandparent. This is improper and such should not be tolerated.

 I don't know what some pastors nowadays think there are some even see themselves as god they don't follow footsteps of Jesus Christ

Some people see a well-known pastor as a marketing tool. They love to tell everybody they know, “that’s my pastor!” They take pride in going to the church where he preaches.

Some people see pastors as the person who directs the church’s vision. They associate everything that goes right (or wrong) in the church with him.

 What do you have to say about this picture, is it right for your pastor to sit on someone's face while preaching? If you were a member of this church, would you let your pastor sit on your head.

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