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Check out the real meaning of akan names of the days of the week

Ever wondered how you were named ama,akwasi or kwabena. Most people do not know the real meaning of these days,some of us know it to be because it is a Monday,that's why I was named Kwadwo but do you by know there are real meanings. Let's find out.

Akwasi or Akosua are names given to a person born on Sunday. It is believed in akan that God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th day. Kwasiada in akan means Sunday and is the day the creater descended. It is divided into 3, the kwa means creater,the si means data and the ada means descended. So therefore the real meaning is creater of life descended day. That day is the day the creater that is God descended to start creating life.

Monday in akan is dwoada which is adwoa or kwadwo. It means that's is the day God created the skies and the sky known as the firmament. Dwo means to cool and the ada means firmament day.

Tuesday in akan is called benada which is abena or kwabena. Bea means location or place or land and benada means day of the land. That typically explains why fisherman don't go to sea on Tuesday.

Wednesday in akan is wukuda which is kwaku or akua. Wu means heavens and the ku means society or a group of people. So Wednesday means the day in which the firmament became naked to the human eye.

Thursday in akan is yawoada which is yaa or yaw. Ya means life,wo means to produce life and da means the day. So yawoada means Lord of life reproduction.

Friday is also known as fiada which is afia or Kofi in akan. Fi means home and da means day. It means home day and the day in which the first home was created.

Saturday in akan is memeneda which is ama or kwame.Me means God and and meneda also means rest day. Therefore Saturday means Lord of life satisfaction day. The day God finished creating the Earth.

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