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Rich Religious leaders are a scam

The rich and wealthy are spread around the world, millionaires, billionaires, etc. Some of these well-known rich and wealthy people are the Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates amongst others, whose net worth are enormous and inviting enough to be the dream of every business being. These worth are measured by assessing their finances, business worth, owned assets, influence etc. Riches gathered through set up businesses and other investments (Known and unknown) run through many means of operations to gain revenue. This is quiet understandable in their case as business men to own all the assets in the world as super rich beings and can decide to do what they want with their funds, but there is a big question when we see religious leaders in the same or almost the same positions.

Joel Osteen, Kirk Cameron Billy Graham etc. are amongst the millionaires in the world in addition to some heads of religious bodies, be it church, Islam, Buddhism etc from different denominations of their beliefs in various locations. But should they be amongst the rich?

Knowing how and why most religious institutions or bodies are set up, should their leaders ever be millionaires? Limiting the discussion to Christians and Muslims, there are many other societal responsibilities of these institutions apart from their “spiritual” impacts or doctrines and its teachings. A problem that has never in any town, city, state, country or cotenant been completely solved especially those with the need of financial aid. In Africa, one might see some pastors owning even airplanes while there might be some members of their congregation that cannot afford a three day meal, let alone his society. Are they saying they are done helping, or there is no one else to help and for that reason buy that extra car or house whilst those funds could literally take one person of the street for a better life?

Religious leaders should not be millionaires, riches are assessed by valuing your assets, businesses, net income from various sources and if a leader can own all these funds and live in luxury, then there is something not entirely adding up in that faith. Their martyrs they follow or preach were nothing like them, this is because they might just take what was needed to be okay enough to get the word of God going and not a luxury life style, sleeping in the best hotels and eating the best of meals. How will a young teenager, whose whole family are part of a fellowship feel, if she should see the head leader drive in with a brand new car or buy a new house. The work of God has been made very lightly and this must stop. A pastor said no matter what you do there will always be the poor meaning he cannot possibly do it all, but he sitting in that yacht should failed to tell him he could reduce the number of those poor by not acquiring that yacht and rather donating to the building of more hospitals with free medical care (and that is the work of God). Every offering giving by a congregation is not to be used to buy the latest phone but to go through that medium to help so many others. That is the physical reason why members put money for the religious leader.

Religious leaders should stop milking there members in the name of faith for their wealth, that is not the way of God. No need to live lavishly or like a millionaire help everyone till there is no one else to help.

Religious leaders should not compare themselves with “secular” businesses, they have a different mission.

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