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Bishop Dag Is Intentional About Directly Influencing Lives, See How He Turned Around A Woman's Life

In a Facebook post by Dr. Louisa Danquah, she writes passionately on "My Father, My Gift," where she shares valuable and relevant experiences with her spiritual father, the renowned Bishop Dag. She writes that:

"I got to know Bishop Dag almost 30 years ago , first on Legon campus when he preached at the Christian Medical fellowship. When my class moved to the medical school campus in Korle-bu, I joined the church in the canteen. I fell in love with His preaching. They were always relevant and my heart burned each time I would hear him.

Bishop personally met our year group and warmly welcomed us to the church. Later on we would meet him individually and get to know him more.

As a pastor, he showed interest in my spiritual life and my personal life, my relationships and my academics. As medical students, Bishop showed us that it was possible to combine our school work with church activities.

He visited us several times on campus and shared with us tips on passing our many exams. In 1995, he blessed my marriage in his office. After the ceremony, he handed my husband and I an envelope containing money. He said we were to use the money to pay for our honeymoon. Yes, even back then he paid for honeymoons!

He was not only my pastor; He had become my father. I still remember him rejoicing with us each time we passed our many exams in school, especially after we passed our final exams and graduated from medical school.

After housemanship, when I told Bishop I was planning to move to the USA for my post graduate studies, he made phone calls to ensure my smooth transition to the USA. With his help and direction, I soon settled in the USA.

The fatherliness continued. I remember his phone call from Ghana to my hospital room in Maryland when I had my baby; to congratulate me and pray for my baby. Bishop Dag, what a good father you have been to me. Ten years after my marriage, we went home to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Mummy, Episcopal Sister Adelaide helped to plan the occasion.

One day, I spoke with Mummy about an ivory dress I had seen and liked. Mummy told Bishop about the dress and she said to me the next time we spoke; “Bishop said you should wear white since you didn’t get to wear one ten years ago”... I was so touched! Daddy was interested even in my wedding dress...And so a white dress it was...

The date Bishop gave us for the wedding was the day after an “Iron sharpeneth Iron conference”. Even though Bishop was tired from the hectic conference, he came to officiate the ceremony himself. He got there on time and waited patiently for me, the bride who came almost two hours late. Mercy!

Daddy, you have been patient with me, loved me , forgiven me, visited our home, prayed for us, taught us, counseled us, dedicated our children...

The blessings from my father have been uncountable.

How can I say thanks? Thank you for encouraging us to build and own our home. Thank you for personally visiting and praying over the home. Thank you for teaching us to sacrifice for the kingdom of God. Thank you for teaching me Matthew 6:33. You have taught us to also do “works “ that will follow us when we leave the earth.

You encouraged us and gave us opportunities to start churches in Maryland and Virginia. When we moved to Louisiana, For over three years, our family drove on weekends to Houston to help establish the church in Houston; It was quite a long drive. What a blessing to do something for God’s kingdom.

Thank you for teaching me that I can be a Chayil woman and still submit to my husband. Thank you for teaching me to honor my father and to be his darling daughter. Thank you for teaching me to be a giver and a supporter of God’s work. Thank you for teaching me about frugality. Thank you for teaching me about humility. Thank you for taking me along on your many travels around the world. You have opened the eyes of this simple “Kwahu girl“ and made her international, Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, Jerusalem, South Africa, France...

Thank you for writing many books to bring direction and light to us.

Thank you Daddy for teaching me to use wisdom in dealing with Pharaoh.

Thank you for the FLOW PRAYERS.

Today, I’m privileged to be a lay pastor serving in the UD-OLGC.

It’s been a blessed journey knowing God and serving in the Lord’s vineyard under my father, my pastor and my prophet, Bishop Dag Heward -Mills.

Thank you Daddy for your words of direction to my children. Thank you for praying for them. Thank you for your influence on their lives. Another Danquah generation will serve God because of your obedience.

Indeed, You have kept back nothing that was profitable unto me, but have showed me both publicly and privately God’s way. I honor you my father.

Live long to fulfill your ministry.

I have found more meaning in life because of your love for God and your push to obey God at all cost. It’s a real privilege to be your daughter. I love and appreciate you Daddy. I thank God for your life.


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