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Pope Skinny’s Gay Video Will Be Released Soon.

A Ghanaian situated in the United States and portraying himself as the President of the gay local area, Black Jesus, has taken steps to deliver recordings of artist Pope Skinny participating in gay sentiment and sex. 

The young fellow who seemed irate in a live Facebook video expressed that the performer who in, a video affirmed that the late Ebony passed on in light of the fact that she was a lesbian, requested that he stay silent or he (Black Jesus) would have his gay sex recordings delivered. 

Black Jesus said he was disillusioned and became irritated when he heard Pope Skinny hammering the late Ebony and stigmatizing her. 

Rapper Pope Skinny a couple of days prior came out to uncover that Ebony passed on the grounds that she did what was viewed as a plague in seeing the divine beings in her old neighborhood. 

The rapper in the video asserted that Ebony and her late darling had intercourse when they visited her (Ebony's) old neighborhood. 

Pope Skinny asserted that God uncovered to him that Ebony and her accomplice Franky Kuri had intercourse in her old neighborhood in Sunyani and this set off the divine forces of the land to strike them down. 

In any case, Black Jesus hammered Pope Skinny for his remarks demanding he was gay himself. 

He proceeded to claim that he (Skinny) is taking part in an extramarital entanglements in the United States with another man. 

He has since challenged Pope Skinny to deny the charges and he (Black Jesus) will deliver his sex recordings. 

He said Pope Skinny in the wake of making his cases against Ebony neglected to reveal to Ghanaians that his music vocation was supported by people who partner with the gay local area. 

He said the private existence of individuals is not his concern however he won't extra individuals who are gays but then, assault their kindred gays. 

He vowed to likewise open him to the US specialists so he would be ousted for inciting disdain against the LGBTQI+ people group.

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