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Seven (7) Things Killing Your Prayer Life.

Below are seven things killing your prayers.

1. Excessive eating: Eating more than necessary at night will only weaken your body.

2. Sleep: You must train your body to sleep less and stay awake. Sleep drain your strength to pray. The truth is, some sleep is an attack.

3. Filthiness of the spirit and soul: Pornography, sex chat and impure thoughts are killers of prayer stamina. Your inner man would always be defeated by feeding your spirit man with filthy and erotic content.

4. Bad atmosphere: The Atmosphere you create and find yourself matter alot. If you're among prayer weaklings, gossip and carnal believers your prayer fire will die. Gossip and backbite would frustrate you.

5. Poor feeding of your inner man. If your spirit man isn't well fed you can't be a prayer champion. You don't listen to sermons, you hardly study the word or Christian articles then your prayer life will be starved to death.

6. Worry: No worrier becomes a prayer warrior. Kill your worry to give life to your prayer stamina.

7. Distraction through watching TV, addiction to social media and boyfriend or girlfriend syndrome. Work on your prayer life.

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